Reader: Club Vinyl lawsuit aside, some people need to be thrown out of bars

Yesterday, Alan Prendergast posted about Janny Barizonte, who's seeking a liability judgment against Club Vinyl even though the security that roughed her up at the venue six years ago were independent contractors. The subject sparked a great debate among our commenters, with many weighing in against bouncers at such nightspots. But one reader thinks things would be infinitely worse without them.

RandallE writes:

Related topic: What about people that need to be ejected from a club? I've seen clear cases where the customer was violent, throwing punches, not leaving when asked (girls too) and requiring more than one security person to get them out for the safety of everyone else. I don't know what happens in these people. They snap. I've seen it more than once. Patrons, drinking or not, need to adhere to not just rules of the venue, but just common life decency guidelines and values. There are reasons you can't dance on tables, start fights in clubs or whatever. I've never been restrained by police or private security because I play by the rules. I can't think of any reason why not just one or multiple security would ever need to be involved in an issue unless the customer was unruly and not cooperating. Few people in their thread support the notion of personal accountability for anyone starting trouble in a venue. Personally, I'm thankful for security throwing-out people that start trouble. Everyone is safer as a result.

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