Donald Trump.
Donald Trump.
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Reader: Colorado Natives Are Starting to Sound Like Donald Trump Supporters

In a recent Comment of the Day, a reader said that people who buy cannabis here with the intention of bringing it back to their state should stay home and work toward legalizing marijuana there.

One reader saw this take as an example of Colorado natives who'd like to keep any newcomers out.

To make his point, he equated this viewpoint to the opinions of a certain billionaire turned politician, who recently suggested that all Muslims should be prohibited from entering the United States.

Here's what he had to say.

Jeremy Van Zandt writes:

Wow. These natives are starting to sound like Donald Trump supporters. Do you want to just go ahead and build a wall around Colorado to keep people out like he wants to do to the whole country?

I'm a native too and personally, I feel like Denver wouldn't be as awesome as it is now without the diversity that has come from people re-locating to our city from all over the US.

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