Reader: Colorado Needs Pot Cafes Like in Amsterdam

A recent Ask a Stoner column addressed the issue of why Colorado doesn't have cannabis cafes.

The answer begins:

"Colorado doesn’t have cafes like the cannabis coffee shops in Amsterdam because of this state’s stance on public consumption. Although it’s legal to smoke pot in private areas in Colorado, public spots and businesses are still off limits. And while technically it’s also illegal to consume marijuana in public in Amsterdam, Dutch law enforcement looks the other way when it comes to designated coffee shops. Sadly, our local cops aren’t as cool."

The debate about this topic included one reader sharing his negative experiences with public consumption here and another offering the Amsterdam alternative.

Brandon Jenkins writes:

I've been to a few "lounges" here in Denver and 99% of them were sketchy as fuck. I still don't understand paying to go smoke weed in places other than your house/hotel room.

Cole Whitaker writes:

If they let it be like Amsterdam, it would be a much better experience.

Leon Wilcox writes:

What's the difference. People do the same thing at bars, paying 4x the amount for alcohol.

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