Reader: Columbine and Sandy Hook were sad but don't justify imaginary grenade suspension

Our post about the suspension of a Loveland second grader, allegedly for throwing an imaginary grenade (a claim the school district now disputes), energized plenty of our readers. Here's a post from someone who understands the motivation behind zero-tolerance policies but thinks this one went too far.

No Snakes writes:

You know, Columbine was sad. Sandy Hook was sad. Bad things happen and I don't want us to get into a crap session about gun control...

With that said, I think it is SADDER that because of these shootings, people have chosen to OVER react. Children are SUPPOSED to play army, and cops and robbers, and alien invaders and human defenders. That's how children develop their imaginations and creativity. Granted, those aren't the ONLY ways the develop creativity, but they are still healthy. There is nothing wrong with that.

What is HORRIBLY WRONG is when adults make these CHILDREN feel like CRIMINALS for pointing a finger and saying "BANG-BANG," or tossing an imaginary hand grenade, or for kissing a classmate on the cheek. None of these activities mean the child will be a mass murderer, or a rapist, so school administrators should not make the child feel like one.

An 8 year old kissing a classmate on the cheek is not "Sexual Harassment," it's an innocent child saying "I like you." Maybe appropriate... maybe not, but there are better ways to handle it that calling the cops, throwing the child in handcuffs, and having them register as a Sex Offender.

Please, a little perspective from the "Educated?"

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