Reader: Denver Doesn't Plow Side Streets but Fines Residents for Snowy Sidewalks?

The sun is shining, and it's a beautiful spring day in Denver. But reminders of last Wednesday's storm linger, in the form of broken branches, broken travel plans and piles of snow in private parking lots that give no signs of melting before July. The ire of certain residents may not disappear soon, either. Says Tom:

Why the City of Denver is just like any other crappy government entity: Wednesday they announce they won't plow residential streets due to cost and snow is too heavy for their trucks.....the next day they remind residents they'll hand out $150 fines if we don't clear our own sidewalks.

How was your street after Wednesday's snowstorm? Did the city plow it? Did you shovel your walk? What do you think about Colorado snow removal in general?

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