Reader: Denver Drivers Are Too Stupid to Know What a Turn Signal Means

Reader: Denver Drivers Are Too Stupid to Know What a Turn Signal Means

The comments are still accumulating on our post about what Colorado and all 50 states are worst at -- and driving is by far the most frequent nominee. Here's the story of one reader to illustrate why.

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Michelle Bowes writes:

I moved to Philly at 22 and really learned how to drive. Some bitch hit me last month when she was merging into my lane. She was going to hit me so I slammed on the breaks and hit the horn and she kept coming and ending up hitting me. When she got out of her car, she starts yelling "Didn't you see my blinker!? It gives me right of way!" I asked "Didn't you see my car? My car trumps your fucking blinker." I hate driving in Denver, especially the roundabouts in Lowry. Talk about people not paying attention.

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