Reader: Denver is the douchiest, frattiest, most uninteresting city in the west

For reasons we don't understand but appreciate, a 2009 post by former staffer Joe Tone entitled "Denver: The manliest, drunkest, business-iest, happiest, safe-sex-having-ist city in America" went viral yesterday. Which means, predictably, that a number of Denver haters stepped up to share some less positive views about Our Fair City. Like this one.

Yawn writes:

You forgot douchiest, tatted up, uninteresting, fratty, boring city in the west. If you don't believe me just cock your Monster energy drink cap to the side and enjoy the wonderful stroll down 16th street to take in the most uninteresting city center, filled with the most unremarkable people you've ever seen. Take away all the Metro State retards on the weekend and LoDo is just another forgettable sh*thole between NYC and San Fran.

BTW, You must mean manly in the sense that there are 5 dudes for every chick, and since there is no competition, they just get fat in addition to being some of the most average, homely looking women in the country. Dudes have sex with these beasts because they have no other option.

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