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Reader: Denver Isn't an Affordable City to Live in for Most People Now

Our recent post about the metro-Denver cities where rent on a two-bedroom apartment has gone up the most got people talking about the cost of living in the area.

Some readers expressed fatigue about coverage of high-rent prices — a topic that's been among the most discussed by Westword readers in recent months.

Others focused on the dollars and cents — and lamented how many of them are required to secure housing these days.

The following post suggests that the situation has reached a tipping point.

Michael Beckerman writes:
As much as people don't like to hear this, it's true. Denver is no longer an affordable city to live in for most people now. People who have lived here most or all of their lives simply can't afford to do so any more. They are having to pack up and move out to places that are less expensive and more affordable. That's a simple function of demand increasing which pushes up prices. The more popular a place becomes, the higher prices will rise. We may not like that, but that's reality. A lot of people are going to have to move out of the Denver area because they just can't afford to live here anymore.
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Michael Roberts has written for Westword since October 1990, serving stints as music editor and media columnist. He currently covers everything from breaking news and politics to sports and stories that defy categorization.
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