A look inside The Break Room, from its Facebook page.
A look inside The Break Room, from its Facebook page.

Reader: Denver NEEDS a Place People Can Gather to Legally Consume Marijuana

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Our post about Grassroots Colorado's Break Room, a pot club, generated a lot of interesting takes.

The Break Room is currently fighting prosecution and an eviction notice that the club's attorney traces to a two-front attack by the City of Denver.

But the lawyer is firm that his client did nothing wrong.

Readers debated about that — but most of them felt venues allowing consumption of marijuana are necessary.

Here's a passionate example.

Dee Rahquin writes:

Denver NEEDS a place for people to consume legally. This past 4/20 should have proven that to everyone. By some estimate we had as many as 100,000 people in town for the holiday. (More conservative estimates quote about 65,000.) That is a HUGE source of tourism cash. They spent boatloads of money on cannabis, food, hotels, etc. but they had nowhere to LEGALLY consume their cannabis. So where do they smoke it? In their cars of course. If we had cannabis clubs where people could consume legally we could also have budtenders with a little oversight that can both help people choose a product right for them (grandma who hasn't smoked since 1968 doesn't need a 100 mg edible) as well as ensure that consumers are well enough to leave without hurting someone.

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