A photo from our 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup slide show.
Photo by Kate Levy

Reader: Denver Needs to Get Its Head Out of Its Ass About Public Pot Consumption

Our post about the High Times Cannabis Cup's move to California after problems in both Denver and Pueblo sparked a wide-ranging conversation.

Some of our readers blamed High Times for the problems, suggesting that better management of last year's event might have prevented push-back from officials.

Others pointed the finger at rules in regard to public marijuana consumption.

And the following reader did both. See what we mean below.

Dawn Schiermeyer writes:

High Times. They knew damn well that after they left the Denver Mart trashed they weren't going to be welcomed back. But yet. They put off getting a permit until a few months before the event. The secret, shadiness all around it was not cool to all the business owners here in Colorado. And the City of Denver needs to get its head out of its ass in regards to consumption. Bring tourists here to purchase marijuana, but have no place to consume it, and can't take it home. What a setup.

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