Have you been getting sticker shock?
Have you been getting sticker shock?

Reader: Denver Rent Prices Only Seem High Now Because They Used to Be So Low

Patricia Calhoun's post about rising Denver rent prices (and the Confluence project) renewed what has been one of the hottest conversations among our readership in recent months. This commenter acknowledges that costs have climbed, but believes they need to be put into context.

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Jónatas Roze writes:

Rents are definitely soaring, but they're soaring from what *were* really low rates. They've jumped 10% in the last year and we've noticed a significant increase in the area. But we're not talking LA or NY or SF prices here. We're talking sticker shock to a populace unaccustomed to luxury buildings with $1500 efficiency units. The median price for a 2br is still around 1500.

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