Reader: DUI penalties are too harsh

We recently posted about a call by Mothers Against Drunk Driving to support a bill creating a felony DUI law in Colorado; the initiative failed yesterday. Readers were split on whether the measure was a good idea or not, with some arguing for harsh punishment and others decrying the current system. This reader falls into the latter camp.

Whitney Thrasher writes:

The penalties are already too harsh. I'm still on probation from a DUI I got in 8/12 and I refused all tests. The thing is, alcohol is legal, but the penalties are worse for DUIs than child rapists, etc. If you have to serve jail time for a DUI there is no good time, you don't get off UAs early and they will not let you off probation early either. The mission of the probation offices basically states, they want to help rehabilitate you and make sure you do well, but really they look for every excuse to try and hold you down. Luckily I got a human being for mine, the ones before were just robots enforcing ridiculous laws and lying to my face.

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