Reader: Every Time I Hit the Road, I'm Surrounded by StonersEXPAND

Reader: Every Time I Hit the Road, I'm Surrounded by Stoners

Yesterday, we posted about ten things Colorado drivers should do but often don't when it's raining.

The suggestions were based on advice from the Automobile Association of America.

But many of our readers' posts had a real Colorado feel.

And, in the case of this comment, a Colorado smell.

Nikki Parkin writes:

Let's all drive 5 mph today because it's wet and we're all too scared to move!! Or let's cut people off without using blinkers, because clearly, it's the perfect road conditions for people to stop on a dime. OR we can do the infamous "Colorado Turn" -when you make a left onto a five lane road from the far left lane and decide you're too lazy to cut your wheel and stay in your own lane. So you decide to just cut across 5 lanes (so you can be in the far right) completely disrupting the flow of traffic by plowing right through people like they're not there. Everyone needs to put the pipe down before they get behind the wheel, I feel like every time I get on the road I'm surrounded by stoners. You wanna know why people take so long to hit the gas at traffic lights? Slow reaction time. Everyone out here is in on another planet.

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