Reader: F*ck Hipsters

We recently shared a Comment of the Day in defense of hipsters.

The author argued that hipsters help create and contribute to Denver culture and argued that people should stop denigrating them.

It was a passionate argument, but one that failed to convince everybody.

This response is proof.

Jacob Edward writes:

Can't. Stop. Lolling. Fuck hipsters. When have hipsters ever created or contributed to anything? Hipsterism is based completely around imitating and appropriating styles from other cultures and sub-genres. Hipsters are the only people stupid enough to wait in line for 2 hours for a Bloody Mary and some eggs, pay $4 for a shitty donut with cereal on it, $6 for a cup of coffee, or $1,200 for a micro-apartment. The Santa Fe Arts District has been around since the '80s, before most of these cool kids were even born. I'll be damned if some handlebar mustachioed piece of garbage is going to take credit for that. The ironic thing about hipsters is that they're actually not hip at all. They don't set trends, they're too busy chasing after them. People hate them because they drive up rents and once they "discover" something, you know the yuppies and frat bros aren't going to be far behind.

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