Reader: Fetuses-aren't-people court case makes mockery of Right to Life views

Melanie Asmar's "The Meaning of Life" feature explores the contradictions of a Catholic hospital defending a lawsuit by arguing that a fetus isn't a person. On a follow-up blog post about bishops reviewing the hospital's legal approach, a reader from outside Colorado weighs in about the far-reaching impact the case could have.

janisgartner writes:

I came across this information in a local newspaper in ND and was very disappointed that an institution that claims to be part of a Catholic Health Care system would make a statement that a fetus is not a person. I work in a Catholic Health Hospital and we see posted thought about the mission and this definitely is not what it says and what is stated to us. As Catholic,I have been raised to respect life from time of conception till end of natural life. St. Thomas Hospital made a mistake in the care of these 7 months old fetuses and now is not accepting the responsibility for their mistake. Does the Catholic Church change their teaching based on financial issues vs moral issues? The news media will have a heyday with this issue if not resolved according to the Church's teachings. I just watched 2 different Masses this last week in Washington, D.C. during the Right to Life week. This situation in Canon City, Colorado makes a mockery of what the Right to Life organization is striving to protect the unborn of this country.

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