Reader: Fight for the Right to Smoke Weed in Your State and Stay Out of Ours
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Reader: Fight for the Right to Smoke Weed in Your State and Stay Out of Ours

We love it when a comment on one topic starts a conversation on another.

That's what happened regarding a Comment of the Day arguing that Colorado drivers suck in every kind of weather.

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Then, the subject shifted thanks to the following reader, who argues that a lot of problems are being caused by people coming to Colorado for legal marijuana — and he works for the cannabis industry.

Here's what he has to say.

Jesse Neiman writes:

LOL, since no one said it, I will.... I work in the marijuana field here and 85% of the people I meet are from out of state.... Everyone's bringing their shitty habits and shitty driving with them.... GO THE FUCK HOME!!! Ur making our traffic suck, our property values to sky rocket. For what? Because ur state still condemns u for smoking weed? That sucks.... Go home and fight for it, that's what we did.... Instead of taking the easy way out and flooding our state.

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