The house where Abdul Muhammad was murdered.
The house where Abdul Muhammad was murdered.
Denver Police Department

Reader: Gang Violence Isn't Only Caused by White People Invading Territories

Last week, we interviewed the Reverend Leon Kelly, a longtime anti-gang activist, about gang-related homicides and shootings in the Cole neighborhood and beyond.

Kelly also talked about the backlash he received after publicly suggesting that gentrification that caused rival gangs to feel boxed in was a factor in the latest flare-up of violence.

His more detailed explanation, and his insistence that he isn't blaming white people for what's happening, didn't convince one reader.

Here's what she had to say.

Desiré Anastasia writes:

The good ol' Reverend might also want to take a look at issues such as human and drug trafficking. Gun and weapon crimes. Drug abuse. Higher/diverse population since MJ legalization (causing cultural clash). There are so many reasons that we are seeing these violent flare-ups. And it isn't just because "white people" are invading territories. I'll agree gentrification plays a part, but blaming white people solely is just plain ignorant. These gang bangers make their own choices; don't take that away from them and provide them with excuses for their BS behavior. Fear of crime isn't good for anyone, REGARDLESS of skin color, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, etc.

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