Gary Johnson.
Gary Johnson.

Reader: Gary Johnson vote is about making history, not helping Romney

Sam Levin's Q&A with Gary Johnson drew a huge response from readers hungry to learn more about the Libertarian candidate for president. A number of those sharing their thoughts rejected the suggestion that marking a ballot for Johnson is either a wasted vote or a de facto boost to Republican Mitt Romney. Here's an example.

gomusicgo writes:

A vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama?

A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama, because not a damn thing will change if Romney wins. If you want an non-obligated choice, Gary Johnson 2012.

Is that throwing your vote away? Absolutely not.A 5%+ voting bloc in November, elevates the LP to major party status. We will have 3 major parties next time, which could be a huge game changer, even historical.

Use your vote to make history!

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