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Reader: Gentrification in Denver Shouldn't Mean Sh*tting on the Poor

Our Patricia Calhoun recently wrote about the grand opening of the Lawrence Street Community Center, a day shelter that had drawn objections for months from the Ballpark Neighborhood Association.

In response, readers had a lot to say about the conflicts between relatively new residents in such areas and members of the homeless community, who have long congregated there.

Some focused on the reasons why such a shelter is so necessary.

Others — including this writer — expressed frustration at a perceived lack or compassion for the less fortunate citizens of our community.

Tanya Tenorio-Rashaad writes:
Real sad that the people who live around there are so heartless. I've been in Denver for many years and their fancy condos came after the rescue missions that are not far from there. Rebuilding doesn't mean shitting on the needy and poor in that area. It comes with living downtown.
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