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Reader: Guns-in-schools concept not undermined by accidental shooting

In his post about a GOP bill to allow guns in schools, Sam Levin mentioned last year's accidental shooting at CU-Denver.

A new comment argues that the latter is instructive rather than an indictment of the guns-in-schools concept.

COEngineer writes:

Since I am a gun owner, 2nd Amendment supporter, etc, I was really worried about the bad publicity from this, but when I read the details I thought, "Meh, not so bad." She probably wasn't as competent with the gun as she could have been, but she was obviously being smart by pointing it in a safe direction. Each of them had insignificant injuries from an accidental discharge. If anything, this story is a good example to share with new shooters. She also took responsibility for her actions and was obviously and appropriately dismayed at the results.

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