Reader: Here's How TSA Staffers Make Security Waits at DIA Worse

Our Teague Bohlen recently put together a list of eight ways to survive the TSA at Denver International Airport.

Many of his tips involved passengers making changes in their own routines in order to speed the process along.

But plenty of readers still had negative things to say about the TSA.

And this writer got specific.

Candice Alström writes:

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All of this stuff makes sense, but it still doesn't help with DIA. They close down lines inexplicably when you are in the middle of a huge rush of people. Meanwhile, 20 TSA are just standing around looking dumb while 400 people just showed up to get checked through security. TSA Pre is always faster than the regular security check unless you catch that one random time at DIA where there are no flights going out. I have my security outfit and bags down to a science by myself or with my baby and it still doesn't help if the person in front of you is horribly disorganized and takes 50 years to take off their shoes. Or if they have three kids going through security with strollers and bags of stuff. The one item I do know is that the security check-in closer to the Jet Blue check-in is a lot slower and more full of people than the check-in on the other side. But even that can be a crap-shoot depending on how lazy or useful TSA feels like being with massive crowds. And lastly, checking in bags is only efficient if the gates are open. I get to DIA early every time for pre-flight drinks before I board. And Jet Blue wasn't open until 9 a.m., which is stupid and ridiculous because that was only one hour before my flight. If they were backlogged, it could take forever to get through that and security. I guess that only matters for one time of day, but I have seen this happen at night time, too, where no one was there until they felt like showing up and checking people in....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.