Reader: Here's Where You're Likeliest to Get Mugged Near East Colfax

Our post about the search for a suspect in an East Colfax stabbing included comments from a neighbor, who suggested that the area was dangerous.

He added that this was especially true during the wee hours of the morning — the time frame when an employee at a Good Times restaurant was cut in the eye by a switchblade after declining a demand to provide free food.

These contentions spawned debate aplenty among our readers. Some of them argued that East Colfax and Capitol Hill are risky indeed, while others saw this judgement as overblown.

And then there was this commenter, who offered advice about places that are relatively safe and those that aren't.

Clint Jahn writes:

Colfax gets rough after dark, but most of the muggings are a couple blocks off Colfax because 13th and 16th are not as well lit or well traveled and it is easier to get away with crimes there. Lots of cameras on Colfax. But there are plenty of people out that late. Not only people walking home from the bars, but the people who are employed there. Lots of people getting ready for early morning shifts too, dogs being walked, whatever. The crackheads and tweakers you see wandering the streets are not "buying or selling drugs," they are busting car windows and trying to burgle businesses.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.