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Reader: Here's Why We Should Get Rid of Golf Courses and Build More Apartments

The building boom in metro Denver continues to be a big topic of conversation among our readers.

And one interesting take often begets a lot more.

Case in point: A comment suggesting that if developers could get away with it, they'd rip apart Lakeside and Casa Bonita in order to build more condominiums.

Plenty of readers have a strong point of view on the topic, including this one. He floats a pointed suggestion for future apartment-and-condo locations.

Russell Theilman writes:
I have a better idea, just south of there is "Lakewood Country Club;" level that place and build some apartments there, We don't need all the damn golf courses that already exist. They waste water, only exist for a relatively small percentage of the population and are just plain a waste of space. build some apartments, a few condos and a park.
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