Dynel Lane.
Dynel Lane.

Reader: How Can You Look at Dynel Lane Womb Cutting and Say It's Not That Bad?

Word that Dynel Lane wouldn't be charged with murder after the death of a baby she allegedly cut from Michelle Wilkins's womb unleashed a torrent of commentary.

Most readers ranged from feeling unhappy with the decision to very, very unhappy with the decision.

The following reader's response is emblematic of many others.

Here's what he had to say.

thunderbird79 writes:

All this is just wrong. She did something against a living , developing baby and the officials try to justify the act by saying, "How long was the baby alive?" She is a demon in disguise and is getting away with murder. How low have we come to see a crime like this as "Well, it's not that bad." People, to those that commit the crime and the ones that condone it .....there will be hell to pay — it is coming . My condolences go out to the mother .

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