Reader: I Hate People Who Ride Their F*cking Bike on the Road as If It's a Car

It's not often that a reader picks a Comment of the Day for us.

But that's what happened after a strongly worded take on our article about Boulder City Council eliminating protected bike lanes along a four-block stretch of Folsom Street because, according to one local, the elimination of one lane for cars created artificial traffic jams.

The controversy also highlights the acrimony some drivers feel toward cyclists, and vice versa.

Here's the first comment in the string, followed by several replies.

Brad Stine writes:

Ride your fucking bikes on the sidewalks. I HATE people that ride their fucking bike on the road as if they're in a car.....wtf are you trying to prove? Get out the way or get ran over.

Desiree Davidson writes:

It is illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are for walking, hence the name.

Tom Smith writes:

Will you pay my medical bills when a bicyclist hits me while I am walking on the sidewalk?

Cory Winget writes:

Wow, genius comment of the day. Be proud, it takes a lot of work to be that fucking stupid.

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