Reader: I Smoke an Eighth and Consume 400 mg a Day and I'm a Fantastic Dad

Reader: I Smoke an Eighth and Consume 400 mg a Day and I'm a Fantastic Dad

Our recent post about Jesse and Corinna Tamburo, who were cited after their toddler consumed a marijuana edible,  prompted an interesting conversation about cannabis use and parental responsibility.

Some readers believe the possibility of kids getting into their guardians' pot edibles is a huge problem.

Others see the issue as overblown, and point to the fact that the child in the Tamburo case wasn't harmed.

The following reader touches on this point while stressing that marijuana use and being a good caretaker aren't mutually exclusive.

Scott Shatter writes:

I smoke well over an eighth a day (in my private space) and eat about 400 mg a day as a medical patient and I am a fantastic dad. My kids and I have a lot of fun. If you knew anything about cannabis you would know that while not advisable and certainly not socially acceptable, it would have zero negative impact on the child. If you leave Tylenol out you are literally putting the kid more at risk. You are operating on the old narrative that cannabis is bad or at least bad enough that it was prohibited for so long. The entire argument was made up out of greed. Fooled the masses, including you apparently.

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