Reader: I Smoke Pot Wherever I Want — and You Probably Don't Even Know
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Reader: I Smoke Pot Wherever I Want — and You Probably Don't Even Know

Yesterday, we spoke with Amendment 64 proponent Mason Tvert about a new proposal he's prepping.

"The Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative" would make it legal for businesses in Denver to set aside an area for consumption of cannabis, so long as it was accessible only by adults 21 and over and wasn't visible to the public at large.

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Tvert adds that the measure would pass muster under the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act by limiting marijuana use to non-smokeable consumption — in most cases, vaporizing.

Some of our readers felt the initiative was an idea whose time had come. Others were less receptive, including this one.

Adam Johnson writes:

I don't see any "limited social alcohol bars." Fucking stupid. Always have and always will smoke wherever I want, when I want. Chances are you didn't even know anyway. I thought we were regulating this like alcohol?! Cool but absurd way to approach it. Limited consumption? Get real.

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