Reader: I was a hit-and-run victim -- when a homeless cyclist crashed into my truck

In a recent Comment of the Day, one reader argued that not all hit-and-runs are the driver's fault.

These assertions unleashed a slew of interesting stories, including this highly unusual hit-and-run tale.

Paul Kohler writes:

True story: Back in '99 or so, I was driving southbound on Broadway, right near the capital. As I approached the intersection of 15th, out of nowhere a homeless guy on a bicycle ran into the side of my truck. He flew over the bed of the truck while his bike stayed where it was. I wasn't going but 10 miles an hour at the time, so stopping was easy. I pulled out of traffic and got out. The homeless guy limped over to his bike, picked it up and started to walk away. I asked if he was OK, and all he said was he really needed to get his brakes fixed. He disappeared into the park. I called the po-po and they come out to file a report. I described the situation and what I could recall from the mans appearance, but there was nothing I could do with a hit and run like that. The insurance adjuster chuckled at the story, but it still cost me to get the repairs done.

Send your story tips to the author, Michael Roberts.

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