Reader: I Was Gonna Get Stoned and Start Shooting, But I Ate Doughnuts Instead

After word surfaced that Planned Parenthood killer Robert Dear had mentioned his fondness for marijuana in online posts, anti-pot crusader Christine Tatum — wife of Dr. Christian Thurstone, another voice against greater cannabis access — insinuated a link between his actions and a condition dubbed marijuana psychosis.

This wasn't new territory for Tatum.

She'd made similar comments about Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, the Columbine killers, the Boston Marathon bomber and more.

Nonetheless, plenty of our readers were left slack-jawed by her theories. Here's are several of their responses.

Paul Malczewski writes:

Christine Tatum needs to smoke a little cannabis and chill out. Dangerous to put a pen in the hand of a writer with pre-perceived opinion on anything. To many good people out their that smoke and maintain what most would consider a normal life for me to believe cannabis had anything to do with any violent act by anyone. If it does happen? It has much more to do with the individual's psyche or mental instability. good to know most reasonable people read articles like this and only hear gibberish.

Cole Whitaker writes:

Christine Tatum is a certified loon, why you give her any attention is beyond me. It's like giving the guy yelling about Jesus Christ on the street a platform every week. Screw her.

Denyell Forte Gal writes:

Bullshit. The entire state should be going batshit crazy with that logic.

Kelly Davis writes:

The problem with her analysis is that no one can prove how many episodes of violence were prevented by pot legalization...Breathing oxygen...that is the definitive link to all of mankinds ills and it cannot be refuted...pot helps me tolerate people like Ms Tatum.

Randal Friedman writes:

Because I woke up, got stoned and was totally going to shoot up some people today. But I went to Krispy Kreme instead.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.