Reader: I Wish F*cking Yuppies Would Move to Portland Instead of Denver

We recently stumbled upon a Yelp thread from back in 2010 entitled "Why Is Everyone Moving to Denver?"

Most of those responding to it were either surprised by the influx of folks from around the country who were relocating to the Mile High City or understood how great Denver is and wanted to keep its qualities secret.

Now, of course, the cat's out of the bag, and readers who responded to our post had assorted feelings about that.

Here's the take of a Denver native who's unsettled by the transformation the city has undergone in recent years.

Christopher Castillo writes:

I was born in Denver at St. Joe's. I have anxiety when I visit the city these days, too many people and changes. I hardly recognize Union Station area anymore. Used to live on E. Colfax, however I retreated to a real nice suburb (I won't say which one) where it's still small and mostly not growing. I rarely see the infamous California and Texas licence plates here. I just hope they stick to the Denver city limits or I'm heading for the western slope! Born in Colorado I'm never leaving my state, but I wish these fucking yuppies would move to Portland instead.

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