"Why Is Everyone Moving to Denver?": Yelp Users on Earlier Stage of Current Trend

Plenty of longtime Denver residents undoubtedly feel as if the flood of people moving to Denver has been going on forever.

But a Yelp thread from just shy of five years ago — the first comment was posted on October 24, 2010 — puts that feeling in perspective.

Entitled "Why Is Everyone Moving to Denver?," the conversation begins with the premise that only a select few people have noticed how many folks have started to relocate to the Mile High City and sets out to discover what's drawing them here. That prompts a series of theories based on a lot of the great things about living in the area.

Some commenters were already worried about possible overcrowding due to the arrival of so many newcomers — and there are a few traffic complaints, too. But such concerns hadn't become universal yet, as demonstrated by the last response below — one that doesn't exactly foresee how big the influx would become.

Below, check out the way the chat got underway, followed by ten of the most memorable responses.

The conversation starter:
I thought the awesomeness of Denver was more or less like a secret that nobody dare tell, but it seems more and more are moving here, what's the deal? Who let the cat out of the bag?

Response 1:
I don't know, but it's getting quite crowded here....

Response 2:
I had no idea about Denver until I took a job that required that I be out west (but not as far as California). I think the secret is still well kept because my friends back east have no idea.

Response 3:
Some general thoughts:

1. Low crime rate.
2. Lots of sunshine.
3. Varied economic base.
4. Big enough to have some good things, but still small enough to avoid some of the big city problems, like; traffic, high density living or slums.
5. The city is young compared to the ages of other cities in the US - this is true of much of the west.
6. Limited natural disasters - the occasional tornado is about it and yes, every ten years it snows like mad.
7. Skiing, the mountains in general, the outdoors lifestyle, etc.

Oh, the cat's out of the bag alright. It's OK, I say let 'em come, we can take it.

Response 4:
No!!!!!! I say don't let them come. Ok I know it's not the nicest attitude to have, but come on, we are on our way to becoming another congested city like in California.

Response 5:
[Response 3] pretty well nailed it. I moved here about 6 weeks ago with my girlfriend for all those reasons. I live in Detroit and was tired of the negativity and needed something new. I love it here. I just need to find a job.

Response 6:
I just moved here from San Diego two weeks ago for work. It sounds like there are a lot of people moving here for work. Seems like a pretty decent town, 'cept the hipsters are a few years behind the scene.

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