Reader: I'd rather let a TSA agent touch my junk than die

A lot of folks weighed in on our post about a Highlands Ranch mom who filed a criminal complaint against a TSA agent following a pat-down she thought qualified as sexual assault. Here's an interesting take from a reader who feels such searches are intrusive but also necessary.

Greg Maher writes:

But you must analyze the risk. Last time I went through DIA, it was concerning to me how unsafe i felt. I could have gotten anything non-metal through, and there are plenty of devices that could harm a lot of people that are not made of metal. I would rather have a TSA agent touch my junk and straight up molest me than die because people are uncomfortable being touched. If you don't like it, you should travel by train, car or boat. You being uncomfortable is not worth putting thousands of people at risk. Nobody is forcing you to fly. You can't go to the doctors and get a physical and when they grab your balls and ask you to cough claim rape. Know what is required with flying. If it makes you uncomfortable, pick different means of travel. Nobody forces you to fly, So shut up, follow the rules and let them go to third base. Crybabies.

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