Police at the April 29 protest.
Police at the April 29 protest.
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Reader: If Police Can Act Like Savages, Why Not the Rest of Us?

Our coverage of the protest against police staged in Denver on April 29 — a gathering that resulted in eleven arrests — generated widely varied responses.

Some readers agreed with the Denver Police Department that officers had acted with restraint in the face of extreme provocation from demonstrators.

Others felt like the cops' use of pepper spray and other tactics crossed the line.

Here's a comment that captures much of the frustration that's evident over this subject.

Angelo Atencio writes:

I've just had so many incidents with police since I was young where I was treated without respect and even with racism, I understand the anger of the rioters, if the police can act like savages, why not the rest of us? Violence is definitely not the answer, but neither is kissing boots. They enforce rules made by fools, violence and fear of their tools. If we could protect ourselves, they would be out of a job.

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