Inside an iBake Denver location.
Inside an iBake Denver location.

Reader: If You Can Drink at a Bar, You Should Be Able to Smoke at a Pot Club

After reporting about pot club Grassroots Colorado's fight against prosecution and eviction, we shared a very different kind of story on the same subject.

Turns out iBake Denver has been able to operate without police interference for more than two years — because it's located just outside the Denver city limits.

The story about iBake, which plans to open a branch in Englewood during the next week, got readers talking about Denver's enmity for pot clubs.

Here's the take of someone for whom the de facto ban doesn't make any sense.

Chrystal Wissink writes:

I always wondered how a bar is legal if it's illegal to drink and drive. You're leaving it up to the person to be responsible. I know many people that need guidance even if they are adults. If people can go to a bar and drink then you should be able to do to a smoke shop and smoke. It's recreational just like alcohol treat it the same....

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