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Reader: If You Really Care About the Homeless, Let Some Stay at Your Home

Our Chris Walker recently detailed the Homeless Bill of Rights' death at the Colorado legislature, at least for the current session.

Many of our readers were distressed by the measure's failure.

But not all.

Here's the take of someone who is happy the bill fell short and challenges those who feel otherwise to do more than talk about solutions.

Gregory Whitney writes:
Good. There are many solutions out there for homelessness. Many avenues they can take to pick themselves up. It's not our job to come up with solution after solution until the homeless finally get one they like.

And for all the bleeding hearts out there crying about how this prosecutes the homeless, if you're really that concerned, open your house to them. Go find one or two and offer to let them stay in your home, rent-free, until they decide to get back on their feet.

No? Thought so.
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