Reader: I'm Not Going to Waste Water Washing Out Jars for the Recyling Bin

In an effort to increase residents' participation in recycling by making it more convenient, Denver became the first place in Colorado to switch to single-stream recycling back in 2005. But a decade later, the glass that Denverites so carefully place in their purple bins is reused only once — as filler at the landfill. And that surprised many readers of "Breaking Bad," Melanie Asmar's recent cover story describing this "beneficial reuse" and breaking down the city's current recycling program. Says Angela:

I really appreciate this article. Thank you, Melanie. If we are going to act responsibly, it is important to know what happens to the products we consume and the waste we generate. Recycling glass into new products instead of landfill will ultimately make more sense for our wallets and our planet. This looks like an opportunity for the Colorado Legislature: I would love to see Colorado leading the way in recycling. Also, I'm not going to waste the water washing out my glass jars that go into the recycling bin anymore. Thanks again for covering a topic that touches each of our lives on a daily basis. Perhaps a sewer article is in the future?

Could be, Angela. Something definitely stinks about this system!

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