Reader: I'm Paying $1,700 a Month for a Converted Motel Room in Five Points

Our post about the ten most-expensive Denver neighborhoods in which to rent a two-bedroom apartment inspired plenty of folks to share their personal experiences in some of the areas listed. Here's one wallet-squeezing example.

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Alex Ruiz writes:

I live in 5 Points and the rent is ridiculous. Surrounded by the many homeless and government housing and unfinished apartment builds. Yet, I was told to expect double digit % increase. It is over-inflated in my situation. My increase will put my rent of a converted motel room to over 1700/month. It isn't because it's worth it, it's because nobody is doing anything about the unscrupulous greed of these owners/management groups. We are expected to pay NYC or LA prices and this is NOT a cosmopolitan metropolis. Sorry Denver, you're cool, but you aren't that cool. #Frustrated #UnprotectedRenter #ByeFelicia

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