Reader: I'm Paying $950 Rent for 325 Sq. Ft. — Which Is Why I'm Moving to the Midwest

When we recently shared a post highlighting rent prices for 25 people in the Denver area, we asked readers what they're paying.

Lots of you weighed in — thanks! — and the results were all over the Denver-metro map.

Some folks felt pretty good about the amount they're being charged.

Others had the opposite view.

Here are six examples.

Stacy Hutton writes:

Was paying $1,450 for a duplex off of Broadway/Evans. They raised the rent to $1,975 WTF! Greedy!!!!! 

Spin LeBlanc writes:

$1600 for a "vintage" (read: hasn't been updated, at all, since the 70's. Not even the appliances ) 2 bed 1000 sq ft in a high rise building near (not on) Cheeseman Park.

Christy Articola writes:

I'm paying $925/mo for a 1000 sq foot two bedroom with a garage and laundry. Where are you finding these places? They are clearly the exception not the rule. Stop trying to convince everyone Denver is expensive, Westword. Still one of the most affordable major cities in the country.

Chris Heller writes:

That one is overpriced and no amount of finish is worth that but also $1,000 for a two bedroom is a bargain.. Either that person has been there a while or is in the suburbs. They aren't in central Denver, no way. No Denver is not one the most affordable cities in the country; just not true.

Faith Martinez writes:

My place is cheap at $1250 for a 2 bdrm house, with a slum lord. Wheat Ridge.

Josephine Nordstrom writes:

$1385 for 1,065 sq foot 2 bedroom. I-25 & Hampden ish.

Danielle Alexander writes:

$950 for 325 square feet in Congress Park. Hence why I'm moving back to the Midwest....

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.