Reader: I'm Ready to Rent Refrigerator Boxes Under the Freeway -- Just $100 a Month

We knew rents were soaring here in Denver, but this is ridiculous: Last week word came that the Nichols Partnership is turning the old VC Hotel (which started life by Mile High Stadium as a Holiday Inn) into micro-apartments, where you'll be able to lease a 330-square-foot studio for around $900. (No charge for the weird story about the

Concerned Christians cult

that once holed up there.) The project will be called Turntable Studios and no, the building will not turn. But the project has certainly gotten conversation going.

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Says Douglas:

I'm almost ready to unveil my own new housing development: I'm placing thirty cardboard refrigerator boxes under a freeway overpass. Good access to the truck stop and fast food outlets, only $100 a month, but you should reserve yours now!

What do you think of the Turntable concept? What do you think about rents in Denver in general?

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