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Reader: It Will Be a Good Day When Legal Pot is Forced on Oklahoma, Nebraska

This week, the federal government sided with Colorado against Nebraska and Oklahoma, which submitted a lawsuit against Amendment 64 to the U.S. Supreme Court in December 2014.

The filing of the brief, whose listed authors include the U.S. Solicitor General, comes as a surprise given that the feds still list cannabis as a Schedule I illegal substance — a designation that's also placed on heroin.

Perhaps that's why so many of our readers cheered the action, even as they ripped into Nebraska, Oklahoma and other neighboring states that have complained about Colorado's marijuana laws.

Here's a particularly strong take.

Aaron Walter writes:
All the states to the immediate east (south and north) of Colorado are run and populated by fucking idiot meth head rednecks and hypocrite xtian politicians. That goes for you too, Kansas. Will be a good day when Cannabis, like gay marriage, is forced upon their antiquated asses.
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