Reader: John Elway and Mitt Romney may be rich, but so are lots of Obama-loving celebrities

Our post about John Elway endorsing Mitt Romney spurred dozens of comments suggesting that the Broncos' Super Bowl hero loves Romney and previous Republican presidential nominees because he's wealthy. In response, one reader disputes this conclusion and argues that Obama supporters are engaging in hypocrisy whether they're well-off or not.

Jon Giron writes:

You all are hypocritical fools. You bitch when Elway backs Romney based on the fact that he's rich but disregard the fact of the more-than-a-handful of celebrities who endorse that fucking moron in the White House. Including Jessica Alba, who is worth 40 million more or less, but writes the term "equal pay" on the back of her hand and puts it to her chest and salutes that socialist imbecile taking seat in the Oval Office. You all sound like the same uneducated OBAMA freaks who struggle with the same herd mentality as the rest. Hate on Mitt because he's rich, and totally leave out the question as to "why?" Because he's a fuckin BOSS at what he does. Continue to play the saint in the stands and act like you would give all your money away if you were worth what he is worth. Fuckin jokeeeessssssss.

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