A busted john.
A busted john.

Reader: Johns School worked and should be revived despite funding cut

Melanie Asmar's post about the recent series of john stings -- which preceded a photo gallery of arrestees -- raised questions about punishment for those who solicit prostitution. The item prompted a response from a psychotherapist involved in the so-called "Johns School," who hopes to revive the concept.

Holtby writes:

I was one of the people doing the John's School until funding cut our program. National research has shown that the majority of first time offenders do not reoffend; that a night in jail is a very effective deterent; and John's Schools cut the recidivism rate in half. I am in the process of trying to restart Colorado's John's school, and believe in what we're doing.

Michael E. Holtby, LCSW, BCD

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