Reader: Joy Behar & The View Crew Would Respect Nurses More If They Knew My Mom

Our Facebook friends definitely weren't amused by the mocking Joy Behar and Michelle Collins gave to Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson during a recent episode of The View.

In the segment, Collins dismissed Johnson's monologue about nursing by joking that she was basically just reading her e-mails, while Behar wondered why Johnson wore a "doctor's stethoscope," presumably because she didn't realize nurses regularly use such devices, too.

Plenty of the responses that came in after the publication of our post savaged the hosts and the show itself.

However, the following reader took the opportunity to salute nurses by way of remembrances of her mother's work in the profession. Here's what she had to say.

Emily R. Shelton writes:

Glad I never watch The View. My mom was a nurse who worked in Los Angeles County Hospital, in the trauma unit, during the night shift and she killed it. Everyday she would get home from work, get my sisters to school, sleep until they were out, pick them up, get them set with dinner and homework, and then go to work for the night. She loved her job and she still continues to renew her nurses license. #NursesUnite #NursesDaughter #StandWithNurses

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