Reader: Kids are dying because of booze, cigs and prescriptions, not pot

Our interview with Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area director Tom Gorman about the organization's new and overwhelmingly critical marijuana report generated a slew of interesting and passionate commentary. Here's the take from a reader who sees a lot more serious dangers for Colorado's children than cannabis.

chas_holman writes:

There are always two edges to every sword..

One of the final straws in my personal angst against prescribed narcotics, was the night I was called into the ER because my 17 yr old honor roll student goodie two shoe's daughter decided to try out some of my morphine. There she was sprawled out on the bed after her stomach was pumped...and me thinking No more narcotics EVER in my house (except immediately after surgeries) ever ever ever.. had the kid of got a hold of the grass I eat now instead, she would of never had to of learned a really nasty lesson.

Kids are DYING because of booze and cigs and prescriptions...they are not dying because of grass.

I do know in alcohol prohibition where it was totally illegal, kids had no problem scoring and in fact were being indoctrinated into vicious gangs as runners at early ages. We don't see a lot of that action anymore. Turns out once legal, most adults don't want to do time for turning kids on and actually go out of their way to try and prevent it in general.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.