Reader: Lack of a gun didn't prevent terrible double-murder/suicide using a knife

Our post about the killing of two Colorado Springs kids, allegedly by Ethan Courrau, described by his mother as bipolar, noted that the fatal weapon was a knife. This fact caused our commenters to morph into a lively gun-related debate.

Here's a prime example.

JimTom writes:

If he had used a gun, that is all this story would have been about. Why when the killer uses a gun do we not put any attention on the killer's mental state? It is always "without the gun, this wouldn't have happened." Sad situation that further shows the problem with mental health and mental health drugs that have a play in these killings. Has the CDC researched the statistics of deadly violence correlated to the increase in the use of all these mental health drugs that have been poured into society in the last 20 years?

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