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Reader: Legalize Heroin and Use "Vice" Tax to Fund Rehab Clinics

A reader's theory about the increasing number of heroin addicts in Denver and beyond prompted a big response.

A lot of the posts featured compassionate or thoughtful discussions of heroin use and abuse.

Others suggested the best ways to deal with the problem.

The following exchange fits into the latter category and turns on questions related to legalization and decriminalization.

Ben Schemel writes:
If that's the case then legalize the heroin and use all "vice" tax to fund rehab clinics. We need to quit looking at drugs like we're going to beet them or addiction is ever going to go away.
Tommy Hayner writes:
Don't legalize heroin just decriminalize it. Rehab clinics are cheaper than jails, doctors are cheaper than district attorneys, and nurses are cheaper than all the savings on judges and courts. The money is already there, it just needs to be moved over.
Ben Schemel writes:
I like where your heads at, Tommy.
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