Reader: Marijuana prices will be at $100 an ounce before long

William Breathes's post about the Denver City Council's decision to consider a recreational-marijuana-retail-store ban in April inspired speculation about whether officials might defy the will of the city's voters, and what could happen if pot shops are allowed. One reader sees a future in which prices will fall in a dramatic way.

instntkrma writes:

I got news for ya. the price of pot is about to go down again. many will grow their own and have extra, even more shops will open and supply will be higher than demand. The price of pot a year after these shops open will be $100 an ounce for top shelf. Nobody is going to need to steal anything. Basement growers would benefit greatly from no rec sales. It'll also be a BIG penalty for existing Denver MMCs who wanted to convert to the new model.

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