Reader: Medical marijuana centers oppose Amendment 64 due to price-drop fears

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Our post about the endorsement of Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act, by more than 300 doctors inspired plenty of our commenters to weigh in on the measure's attributes and deficits, as well as those who support and oppose it. Here's one reader who believes dispensary owners would just as soon the whole thing fail.

freetheplant writes:

Of course people that profit from the sale of MMJ in Colorado don't like A64. The dispensaries and the MMJ growers that sell for profit want to keep those $200 to $250 oz prices from dropping even further and they know that A64 is going to bring in an extreme overflow of new growers on the scene further increasing the supply dropping the prices even lower. Do you think they want to see $50 oz's? No way. Look at Washington's I-502 bill, they don't even have a protection in place for recreational growing, in Washington even with I-502 passing the only way you can grow and be protected is to have a doctors approval.

A64 isn't perfect, and it could've been made better , but it's still 10x better than what Washington's I-502 is. The cold truth about the MMJ dispensary owners and those that grow for the profit of MMJ is they will never be for any legalization that's recreational. Making money from MMJ is what they are all about and any measure that decreases the price of MMJ will always be a threat to them.

I do not like the Feds just as much as anyone else and I think its wrong when the Feds raid MMJ dispensaries but I won't be sad when MMJ dispensaries start closing up when they refuse to lower their prices down to $50 an oz after A64 passes and that becomes the going rate because of so many new growers on the scene increasing competition.

I'm hoping A64 comes through and succeeds, because when it does, MMJ dispensaries might start disappearing but that doesn't mean the herb will. What will happen is an increase of mom n pop growers will start booming all over increasing supply like you've never seen.

Remember how happy MMJ dispensaries were in 2010 when the state banned mom n pop caregivers from making a profit as well as decreasing the number of 5 people that each MMJ caregiver could grow for? The MMJ dispensaries were glad of that because it cut out a lot their competition.

You'll be hard pressed finding many MMJ dispensaries that are pro-A64 because they know what that means for the current going prices on MMJ.

Legalization for recreational use is the first step towards seeing these insane prices for herb go down as well as cutting out a lot of these tyrannical arrests you see and hear about all the time.

Make Colorado be the first to set an example for the rest of the states to follow. When Colorado passes this, then other states jump on board and do the same, then you'll see prices drop even further. It's time to take the value out of this plant and the way to do that is through legalizing it for relaxation instead of just medical.

I hope A64 passes, it's way past time something like this happened. And all of you who buy from MMJ dispensaries, there is no need for worry when MMJ dispensaries start closing because with the amount of new growers that are about to start popping up all over when A64 passes, you will never be without a source, and even be paying cheaper prices than you are now, so don't worry about it when you see the greedy MMJ dispensaries start closing up shop because they don;t want to sell $50 oz's. ; )

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.