Reader: Medical marijuana-related deaths pale in comparison to deaths involving alcohol

Yesterday, we listed what the Denver District Attorney's Office describes as twelve medical marijuana-related deaths, including one involving Keith Weatherspoon, seen here. (The post followed the DA's subsequently finessed mention of a dozen homicides linked to MMJ.) This reader felt the linkage was dubious -- and that's not all.

darktower1977 writes:

446 people died in Colorado in 2011 as a result of drinking and driving. Not to mention the deaths that occurred via violent behavior on alcohol.

The deaths mentioned are extremely loose in their supposed reliance on marijuana as major factor. As another poster below said, all of the deaths mentioned could be blamed on prohibition much more so than the plant usage or factor itself.

It's just another sad attempt to discredit the plant as the arguments continue to dry up more and more, while these desperation attacks become more laughable by the day.

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