Reader: Michael Bennet contributor now thinks NPR-featured senator belongs in Dante's Pit

Our piece yesterday about Michael Bennet's rising national stature, exemplified by a huge feature on NPR, riled up one reader, who opened up with both barrels on one of the few Dems in tight races to survive the Tea Party onslaught on election day.

Here's what the commenter, who calls himself Mudslinger, had to say:

Here's how Colorado citizens view Michael Bennet: A sleazy, lying, mud-slinging, lack of integrity, pockets-lined-with-special-interest IOUs, shameless, politician. He did what was required: sold his soul to the money-laden DC special interests in order to get elected. How he can look his sweet little daughters in the eyes and explain what he and his supporters did was right and ethical takes a special kind of human being. You usually find them in Dante's pit. I'm ashamed that my early contributions to him ended up in the $50 million pot of money he used to blast his opponent through negative and false advertising -- and still, voters have no idea what he stands for.

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